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Reclaimed flooring is mainly made from old floors that have been used and need some repairs or are being removed from one house to another. Before we reclaim the wood flooring we always ensure that we have checked the quality of the wood used.At Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guys we have labs which are used in determining the age and character of the wood. With these information we are able gauge how the profitable it will be having the reclaimed wood floor. When reclaiming the wood floor we ensure that paints and stains that had been applied on the floor are removed before turning the wood in other new designs of reclined wood floors.



At Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guys we do drying of the wood before we make reclaimed wood floors out of the wood. The drying is meant to remove water and moisture that may have gotten into the wood. After the reclaimed wood has been dried it can be effectively made into other reclaimed wood flooring materials.



After the reclaimed wood flooring has one through drying the y are made into new floors which come in different finishings and patterns. The finishing on the type of wood used and to what extent the wood had gone bad. The finishing will involve even selecting the different colors for the finished reclaimed floors.

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Choosing the best reclaimed wood flooring form Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guys is a big task for most people. When choosing a reclaimed floor always ensure you avoid those with nail holes and marks that get on the wood during installation and removal. Always ensure you get the reclaimed wood flooring with the least amount of scratches.

Reclaimed wood floorings are very advantageous in that they help in maintaining history and one can come across very unique and original patterns and designs from the reclaimed wood floorings. Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guys has a special department which specifically deals in reclaimed wood floors. We ensure we provide quality and unique reclaimed wood floors which serve the flooring purpose just like the other the new wood materials. reclaimed wood flooring will offer amazing looks to your house and wont disappoint when it come s to beauty and the preservation of beauty.

These reclaimed wood floorings are sometimes referred to as antique due to the many past years that they were made and also the historic and traditional designs that they have. When choosing a material for the reclaimed wood flooring you have to consider some things such as the design and the taste of your family members and the people you live with. Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guys has experts who help in explaining the different patterns and designs that come with these reclaimed wood floorings. The experts can also be reached on 888-224-7803.

Some of the reclaimed wood flooring ranges from different species such as heart pine, chestnut and finely grained timbers. The demand for the reclaimed wood flooring materials has over the years gained popularity due to the fact that most of the people are encouraging a habitable environment through recycling of all the recyclable materials.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Guys is committed to the provision if reclaimed wood floorings and you can always find any type of the reclaimed floors at our different showrooms. Reach us on 888-224-7803 for more information on reclaimed wood floorings.

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